SONY 100-260GB 230M AIT-3 TAPE 64KB MIC SDX3100C

230M AIT-3 Tape with 64Kb MIC 100GB (native) to 260GB (compressed) Sony's AME (advanced metal technology) delivers 100% pure cobalt metal particle which is deposited directly on to the base film in the form of a vapor to increase the level of performance over traditional metal particle technologies. For use in AIT-3 drives

Key features

* Compatible with AIT-3 Drives
* The AME magnetic layers are made of 100% cobalt material.
* The magnetic material is deposited in a columnar structure directly on the base film in a vacuum chamber.
* This structure is optimised to produce a recording surface that exhibits higher values in magnetic affinity.
* Higher values in magnetic affinity translate to improved levels of recording density and recording system performance.
* The DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating is 20 times tougher than a standard oxidation layer.
* This protective layer dramatically improves abrasion resistance and overall tape durability
* This results in a low initial error rate & extended recording life-even after repeated drive passes, output stays high & the error rate remains low.
* The Memory In Cassette (MIC) hardware consists of a EEPROM that is mounted within the data cartridge and includes a 5 pin interface to the drive
* AIT drives are able to store & retrieve selected information directly from the chip and use this to provide realtime benefits customer applications.
* The information stored within the MIC consists of a combination of drive and user-generated information.
* High-output/low-noise tape characteristics enable long archival storage and a low error rate.
* Since AME tape uses no binder, its packing density is much higher than a conventional tape's, and it can be made with extremely fine particles.