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Electronic Test Equipment For Sale, Excess to our needs, Good Working Condition

Used Test Equipment
Image Description Price
Tectronix 2465 Tektronix Model 2465 300Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscope $900
Tektronix TAS485 Tektronix Model TAS485 200Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscope $1200
Marconi 2050 Marconi Model 2050 10Khz to 1.35Ghz Digital Vector Signal Generator Call
Racal 6103 Racal 6103 Digital Radio Test Set  
8594E Hewlett Packard 8594E 2.9Ghz Spectrum Analyzer  
TDS360 Tektronix Model TDS360 200Mhz Digital Real Time Oscilloscope  

Vision Engineering Stereo Dynascope Model TS4

Used for very fine rework

Zoom from 6 to 40X, view shown is only 6X

AM8e Ameritec PCM/VF Call Analyzer Model AM8e  

HG-7900 Poduction Surface Mount Rework Station, Hot Air Type with Video
Includes a large range of Nozzles sol-20f, sol-28p, plcc-84b, plcc-32, plcc-28b, plcc44b, qfp-100x, qfp-100f, qfp-240, qfp-44h, qfp-80c
Also original operating manual


HP 54615B Hewlett Packard 54615B 500Mhz Oscilloscope