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Allaw Objectives
ALLAW provides repair services for communication and electronic equipment, but what we sell is service. Our Company is a fully Equipped Repair Centre capable of repairing and supporting RF communication products, networking products, data storage including optical and tape. Our overall objective is to provide consistently high quality products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers in the computer hardware and telecommunications markets, IE services and products that :

We achieve this through a structured continuous improvement program that ensures the quality of our services and products, help reduce costs, improves productivity, reduce waste and develops staff skills.

Services Provided

We offer technical expertise and services with a high level of specialization across a broad range of products and technologies.

All repairs are completed to factory specifications following totally manufacturing repair procedures and using exactly the same test equipment.

We are extremely confident in the quality of our work to the extent that we include a minimum 6-month warranty on all products we repair. With manufacturers support we can even go further by offering a 12-month warranty period.

Allaw Partnership

We partner with international services companies to deliver quality services to customers

Our major customers include AIRSPAN, TELSTRA, UPSONIC, IBM, NORTEL, NCR, FUJITSU, Ericsson Australia and ALCATEL LUCENT . Included in multinational endorsements is certification for ASIA-PACIFIC services.

Telstra Field workforce Spares FWSM has been supported by Allaw for over ten years. Allaw provides warehousing,shipping and repair with real time tracking of parts and equipment on behalf of major international OEM's.

This "building" of partnerships has given us a unique insight into the critical aspects of product performance of tape drives with meantime between failures not attainable by some of the original manufacturers.

We are the authorized service centre in Australia for NORTEL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD providing technical support to NORTEL'S DEALERS AND CUSTOMERS for their digital mobile GSM products.

This support function includes the following services:

- Field support for these products encompassing :

Through the years, ALLAW Pty. Limited has developed many testing procedures to ensure that the quality and reliability of the equipment we provide is second-to-none. Also, by listening to the needs of our customers, we have discovered many ways of increasing the value of the equipment and support we provide.

The ALLAW management team is committed to the principles of continuous improvement and the successful implementation and maintenance of the quality system.

Secure Financial Stability

We have an established and successful industry record, which is substantiated by proven secure long term financial stability.

Computer System

Through many years of software development, ALLAW PTY LTD has produced a highly sophisticated and automated computer controlled process designed to flow repairs from data entry stage to final dispatch utilizing :

Allaw History

ALLAW Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian Company providing full customer support services for electronics and telecommunications equipment.

The Company was established in May 1963 and has changed from a contract design and manufacturing business to focus on being a solutions provider to multinational service companies.

ALLAW has a history of over forty years in manufacturing, design, repair and importing. In fact, we have at different periods in the company history represented or provided services to almost every major computer company.

We provide one of the strongest service and support team available in Australia, backed by full warranty support and expert maintenance facilities.

One of ALLAW's assets is its strong reputation for efficient turnaround and meeting the highest of the industry standards - essential to meet the demands of today's fast moving market.

Products Processed

ALLAW's expertise covers a wide range of communication and computer products, with an especially long history in the data storage market. We are experts in the following technologies including: