Vanguard 3000 ™
Vanguard 3000 Cellular Broadband Router, Sold Supported in Australia by Allaw Pty Ltd

Vanguard 3000 was built tough to provide reliable wide area CDMA or GSM cellular connectivity optimized for high speed, mobile environments with demanding data requirements. This intelligent broadband router incorporates a highly sensitive 16-channel GPS receiver and an intelligent algorithm that offers outstanding receive sensitivity and improved accuracy, integrity, and availability of GPS signals - even when the vehicle is off. With a built in WiFi access point your tethered devices remain connected even when you leave the vehicle.

GSM models leverage high-speed HSUPA technology to provide data access at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps with backward compatibility to HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS technology.

The Advanced Power Management features of the Vanguard can now be extended to control other devices within the vehicle.

Vanguard 3000 Features:

  • Built-in WiFi option extends the wireless network beyond the vehicle with tethered connectivity to handheld devices or lap top

  • Integrated local and remote GPS provides location info for AVL and for local mapping

  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces simplify deployment and easy technology migration

  • Secure, remote management with password protected configuration for easy upgrades and maintenance

  • Rugged enclosure suitable for trunk mounting with a wide operating temperature range

  • IPsec VPN For secure transmission of data

  • Adjustable shutdown time after ignition switched off ( 1 minute - 4 Hours )

  • Store and forward of GPS data to avoid loss of data when the mobile network is temporarily lost

Download Vanguard 3000 Data sheet


Typical Vanguard in Vehicle Application


Vanguard Remote Monitoring Application