Advance Exchange

For a list of Products that qualify for Advance Exchange Click here..

To use our Advance Exchange service, follow these simple steps

  1. Download our Advance Exchange form in Word or PDF format
    Click here for MS-Word format or click here for Adobe PDF

    An Online RMA is available for existing customers.

  2. Complete the form and fax it along with your proof of purchase to Allaw (02) 9417-7002.

    Be sure to keep the serial number of the unit handy,
    This is used to track your request and we will ask for it should you need to call us.

    NOTE: Warranty claims require a "Proof of Purchase", usually a copy of your invoice, to process your claim under Warranty terms. Please fax this with the advance exchange request.

  3. Once your request has been processed, the shipping details will be emailed or faxed to you to let you know the exchange item is on its way.

  4. When you receive the exchange item - unpack it carefully and locate the return shipping Consignment Note (CONNOTE) and the return-shipping label packed in the box.

  5. Return your faulty unit to Allaw

    1. Pack your faulty item carefully in the box (see the terms of the advance exchange agreement at the bottom of this page)

    2. Seal the box

    3. Affix the return shipping label and CONNOTE to the outside of the box

    4. Call the courier on the phone number printed on the shipping label

      There is NO CHARGE for return freight on advance exchange items


  1. A "Proof of Purchase" (e.g. invoice, receipt etc) must be provided in order to process your request under the terms of the manufacturers Warranty.
  2. In exchange for Allaw providing an Advance Exchange Unit, the requestor agrees to return the faulty item within seven days of receiving the replacement unit or to pay Allaw for the replacement cost of the Advance Exchange Unit
  3. The Advance Exchange Unit becomes the property of the requestor and the requestors defective unit becomes the property of Allaw Pty. Ltd. on shipment of the Advance Exchange Unit from Allaw.


How does the Advance Exchange program work?

Customers who make use of the Advance Exchange program agree to exchange their non-functioning unit for a fully functional tested unit provided by Allaw. The unit shipped by Allaw is installed as a replacement unit in your system - the faulty unit is returned to Allaw and becomes the property of Allaw on its return.

Advance Exchange Program Procedure

  1. Allaw maintains a pool of fully functional, tested units ready to be dispatched to our customers when they are in need of an immediate replacement and cannot wait for the standard repair process.
  2. An Advance Exchange unit is shipped to our customers when they complete the Advance Exchange Request form above and send it along with a "Proof of Purchase" to Allaw for processing.
  3. The Advance Exchange Unit is sent to the requestor and is integrated into their system
  4. The requestors defective unit is returned to Allaw
  5. The customer must return the defective unit to Allaw within seven days of receiving the replacement unit or Allaw will invoice the customer for the cost of a replacement unit.

How does Advance Exchange affect my Warranty?

There is no impact on your warranty. The Allaw service system tracks the warranty of all units sent to us for repair. Before Allaw sends an Advance Exchange unit to you, the "Outstanding Warranty" of your defective unit is transferred to the Advance Exchange unit that is shipped based on the "Proof of Purchase" that you have provided.

Is the Advance Exchange Program for me?

The advance exchange program is available on all Sony Tape Drives under warranty and selected units out of Warranty (payment in advance is required for out of warranty units)

If you do not want an exchange unit then please use the Service Request form on our WEB site. Your unit can then be repaired using the Repair and Return process.

How do I use the Advance Exchange Service?

To use the Advance Exchange Service, follow the Steps 1 to 5 at the top of this page. If you do not want advance exchange but still need your unit repaired, use the Service Request link on this site