Service Request

For those products that are not supported with our advance exchange program, follow these simple steps to have your parts repaired.

  1. Download our Service Request Form in Word or PDF format
    Click here for MS-Word format or click here for Adobe PDF

    An Online RMA Request is available for existing customers.

  2. Complete the form and return it with your unit.

    Be sure to keep the serial number of the unit handy. This is used to track your service request and we will ask for it should you need to call us.

    NOTE: Warranty claims require a "Proof of Purchase", usually a copy of your invoice. Please include this with the Service Request Form.

  3. You can ship the unit to our office or bring it in during normal business hours. Our service centre location is provided in the contact us page. Be sure to pack your item securely to avoid physical damage in transit.

  4. Allaw will repair the unit, and return it to you usually within 5 working days.

  5. Allaw will return the unit to you by overnight express once it has been repaired (see Service Terms below). For out of warranty repairs a shipping charge will be applied to your invoice.

Please read our Repair Terms.

For those customers who do not have an account with us, payment is required before we can return the repaired unit to you. Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Paypal. If you have any questions please call our service representative