About Allaw

Allaw specialises in sales and support of electronic equipment, both consumer and commercial, Our Company operates a fully Equipped Repair Centre capable of supporting and repairing High Power Microwave RF communication products, networking products, data storage including optical and tape, Point-of-Sale, Magnito Optical Drives, Broadband and Wireless Communications equipment. Allaw also provides logistics, warranty administration, configuration and shipping services for some of the largest Telecom providers in Australia. Established in 1962 Allaw has over 60 years of trading.

DbFS Database Filing Systems Inc.
Advanced Document Management System

The typical business or organization faces increasing needs to store and to find historical paper records for various financial, legal, and support reasons. Today many records are contained within the industry specialized software on which a business or organization conducts its daily operations. However, most businesses face the need to store a lot of additional information and paper documents not generated from within the primary application software.

DbFS Solution: DbFS has a growing suite of tools and procedures to optimize quick storage of this supplemental information. DbFS Scans and stores your documents in logically structured PDF/A type files and has the capability to place links in relevant document tabs in the primary application software used by the business/organization. DbFS works with leading software vendors to access document tabs within their primary database application software, and assists business to get these capabilities added to the vendors software where not already present.

CalAmp - Ruggedised Mobile Voice Data & GPS Products For Police Ambulance and Fire services
Sold and supported by Allaw. The rugged Calamp Vanguard mobile data modem provides reliable mobile data connectivity and GPS. Vanguard is compatible with the new GSM HSDPA and also supports EDGE and GPRS connectivity. Vanguard is an intelligent wireless router built tough to provide reliable service in demanding public safety wireless data applications.

Sold and supported by Allaw.

Advance Replacement
Telstra, Calamp, Airspan and Ericsson are some of the key customers using Allaw's Advance Replacement process, which Allaw pioneered in 1994. With the broad acceptance and success of this service, Allaw continues to expand this program for warranty and repair items for the service industry.

Commitment to Our Customers
Allaw provides committed turn-around times on all Repairs and Services. Key Performance and Service Indicators are provided via automated reporting and included as part of a standard offering to all of our major account customers.
All our customers have real time access to their job status including backordered parts with system generated ETA's for parts.

Repair & Service
Allaw has built our success on the high quality of our Repair & Service procedures. All equipment processed in our facilities is thoroughly tested, repaired and re-certified by our trained staff to the manufacturers standards.

Integrated Solutions
Allaw has a great track record in providing support for service activities, whether it's managing your logistics processes, implementing and managing your repair process or simply supporting your existing repair activities. Allaw is well placed to deliver successful outcomes, no matter what the size of the activities are.

Allaw Links to Vendors and Partners

Allaw partners with Matchit Electronics for all Electrical Contracting and Data Cabling projects.